We applied our 30 years' experience in denim engineering to create jeans that look and fit great while staying comfortable. Combining stretch material with classic lines, you will find your new favourite pair of jeans at Voi London.

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Men's Jeans

The first pair of men's jeans were worn by miners and cowboys as workwear in the late 1800s. Voi London has a proud heritage of producing quality denim since 1988, where our revolutionary washing techniques pioneered a new generation of denim. Today men's jeans are a wardrobe essential, available in hundreds of different styles, fit, colours, washes, tints and more.

Long Leg Jeans

Men's jeans are sized by your waist and leg length measurements in inches. Voi London stocks men's jeans in regular length and long length options. Regular length jeans have a 32 inch inside leg and long leg jeans have a 34 inch inside leg measurement. For taller men who are over 6 foot or men with longer legs, it's great to have the option of a long leg jean.

Straight, Tapered, Slim & Skinny Fits

Voi London focuses on 4 main fits of men's jeans. Straight is a relaxed fit from thigh, through to the calf and ankle. It's the most comfortable fit for men who have thicker legs or want to rock a retro look.

Tapered jeans are a relaxed fit on the thigh, a slim fit on the calf on the ankle. The shape of the jeans taper from waist to ankle to create a flattering silhouette. They're the perfect pick for men with slimmer legs or want a modern, smart style.

Slim jeans are exactly. They're a slim fit from the thigh to the ankle. Men with slimmer legs should pick a slim fit jeans to get a flattering, shaped silhouette from their jeans.

Finally skinny jeans are tight fitting from the thigh to the ankle, snugly fitting your legs and giving a defined silhouette.

Stretch Material

Voi London uses a 98% cotton, 2% elastane blend to create a jean that is comfortable to wear. The stretch denim is particularly useful in the production of skinny and slim styles.